Early Bird

The York dates back to the mid 1830's when it was originally a blacksmiths and a travellers inn/ale house. When the railways were laid down in the 1860's the fashion for travellers inns waned along with the need for blacksmiths.

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The Liquor Club

The Liquor Club at The York Tasting nights in collaboration with StarmoreBoss and our startender Ben Schulze. More details on all the events available here - https://www.facebook.com/theyorksheffield/events

Sunday Menu

Join us for a treat to end the week !! 2 and 3 course options available

Come join us for our quiz chips and cocktails
£1 entry per sheet £25 bar tab to be won every week and a cash jackpot on the last Monday of every month
Free Chips to keep your brains going at half time !